Haiku For Carpe Diem #267, Ancient Voices

Ancient Voices is Carpe Diem’s Haiku prompt today.

ancient voice
chalk on a blackboard
to the young

Smiles, love and laughter

© John Belchamber 2013

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About jrbsays

Just a regular married father of three type of guy. Writer of Haiku, founder of www.DementiaJourneys.com and other bits and other bobs.
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17 Responses to Haiku For Carpe Diem #267, Ancient Voices

  1. howanxious says:

    ancient voice
    jumping in the rain puddles
    to the young


  2. WabiSabi says:

    How often this is true!


  3. Sunshine says:

    chalk and dry erase boards… 🙂
    love your offering.


    • jrbsays says:

      I’g glad you got it…I realise that people in classrooms these days would not know what I was referring too 😉


      • Sunshine says:

        Actually, it’s better with dry erase boards these days…except the odor of the markers can be awful. Oh well…it’s that or a lung full of chalk dust! 😊


  4. The young are missing out on by not listening to the ancient voices.


  5. Ah chalk… how many use that nowadays.. ?.


  6. Maggie Grace says:

    Actually, children are very receptive to things extraordinary but are usually nixed/silenced by adults when they refer to such things as apparitions or voices. They do have heightened senses and I bet they hear a lot that they never tell because of reactions to the first time they shared. Just sayin.


  7. Cathy Tenzo says:

    So true but it depends. I must be an odd soul as I have always like old people (which is good because I am getting older every day as we all are). My favorite person growing up was my grandmother who lived with us most of the time I was growing up. I spent a lot of time listening to her stories.


  8. Ye Pirate says:

    Woooooah….disturbingly true!


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