Haiku For Carpe Diem #219, Samidare (midsummer rain)

Today the Carpe Diem Haiku prompts asks us to think about Samidare (midsummer rain).

I thought I’d continue with the Aussie theme today…


In sub-tropical Brisbane, summer is a hot and humid season. We are used to seeing big clouds rolling in across green skies in the late afternoon – the green being a sign of imminent thunder and possible golf-ball sized hail stones which decimate plant life, roof tiles and car bodies. Of late, seemingly more often,  summer can bring a ‘big wet’ similar to that which our northern cousins experience. When it does, a quite different Brisbane is revealed…

Brisbane summer rains
bringing sights and sounds of –
Venice in the spring


Of course heavy summer rains don’t just cause concerns for adults. Around the end of December, flooding in the streets has many a child nervously twitching the curtains…

the mid-summer rains
an Aussie child waiting on
Santa’s soggy steps

800px-Wet_kookaburraImage by Ben Aveling

The laughing kookaburra is amongst my favourite of Aussie birds. Many’s the bleak mood that has been brightened by the sound of it’s frivolity on our garden. But when the rains set in, even this jolly creature has been known to ponder life…

through mid-summer rain
the laughing kookaburra
manages a smile

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short drizzle of Brisbane life. It’s been refreshing to have you here and be sure that your comments really brighten my days.

Smiles, love and laughter

© John Belchamber 2013

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About jrbsays

Just a regular married father of three type of guy. Writer of Haiku, founder of www.DementiaJourneys.com and other bits and other bobs.
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23 Responses to Haiku For Carpe Diem #219, Samidare (midsummer rain)

  1. Sainter says:

    A delightful Haiku post! A different perspective, fine words and a resigned kookaburra. 🙂


  2. howanxious says:

    Splendid reading.. You have interpreted the essence of mid-summer rain beautifully. 🙂


  3. Maggie Grace says:

    It’s difficult to fathom the opposite seasons. I like all of your haiku and that kookaburra is too adorable for words!


    • jrbsays says:

      Thank you Grace.
      I was only saying this week that even after 16 years living in Aus’, when winter comes in June I still find myself thinking it’ll be Christmas soon..perhaps that explains my second today 🙂


  4. ewdupler says:

    A wonderful haibun! You’re storytelling is artfully exceptional!


    • jrbsays says:

      Why thank you kind Sir!
      It’s funny, I wrote the haiku and then felt the need to give them a little background and the haibun revealed themselves 🙂


  5. So this is what the charming kookaburra looks like? We sang of them as children; sitting in the old gum tree….I like to picture him pondering life!


  6. Ese' s Voice says:

    Beautiful collection of haiku that brought me all the way across the world…to another midsummer rain and made me smile. Yes, the kookaburra one is a gem but then…to be honest, I like them all and am still deciding.. 🙂


  7. 4joyjoanne says:

    I hope Brisbane isn’t in dire straits like Venice! Love the kookaburra haiku – he is a character…


  8. becca givens says:

    Your enjoyed your Haibun today … my favorite is:
    the mid-summer rains
    an Aussie child waiting on
    Santa’s soggy steps



  9. sounds like everyone manages a smile tho if the road becomes a watery canal car owners frown


  10. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    That kookaburra is giving a half-hearted smile at best…

    Midsummer Rain


  11. Love the storytelling… it’s starting to be one of the most important aspect of this community… we each do out own local twist… and I love tha kookaburra


    • jrbsays says:

      Thank you Bjorn, it is nice to share a slice of your homeland with others around the world isn;t it. It’s part of the wonderful learning journey we’re all sharing 🙂


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