Haiku: Carpe Diem #188, The Empress (III) Tarot

Out next card in the Carpe Diem Haiku journey into Tarot is The Empress (III). I should warn you that this prompt seems to have opened the high horse’s stable door and it has bolted…

The Empress is said to be Mother Nature,  Eve cast from Eden, or Demeter the Greek Goddess.

In many Tarot cards The Empress is draped in christian iconography. One is reminded of Mary Magdelin whom various pre Church of Rome writings  claim was Jesus’ wife and/or his chosen successor as leader of the Christians on earth. However, Mary was proclaimed a prostitute by Rome, perhaps to ensure women were ‘kept in their place’?

So, did the first female and the Greek Goddess of Agriculture share a similar fate to Mary in being demoted to Empress?

The Empress

life’s custodian
Eden’s sinners rewarded
Eve is now Empress


Goddess Demeter
having given man farming
his church demotes you

Jean_Dodal_Tarot_trump_03the churches dictate
the status of women kind
the Empress submits

It seems The Empress bid me question the legitimacy of ‘Man’s dominion’. From the treatment of women in the name of god over millennia, “the Way, the Truth and the Life” would indeed seem to have been “accessible to arbitrary fool-hardiness.”

Anyway, fear not my friends, the horse has now been captured and is safely back in its stable recovering from a swift canter through the barren field of theological misogyny, to which I bod you shout NAY!

Smiles, love and laughter

© John Belchamber 2013

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Just a regular married father of three type of guy. Writer of Haiku, founder of www.DementiaJourneys.com and other bits and other bobs.
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17 Responses to Haiku: Carpe Diem #188, The Empress (III) Tarot

  1. cookie5683 says:

    Allow that horse green pastures to roam, graze and find his fill. This is a well kept horse of stud. 😉


  2. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Theological misogyny? Oh,my! 🙂

    Empress of Heaven


  3. Oh no… do you really that the big religions in any way has been partial against women… preposterous … (irony intended)


  4. WabiSabi says:

    Women have been questioning the legitimacy of ‘man’s dominion’ for eons. Nice to see that some men also question it. Does this mean there is hope for the world?


  5. That was a seriously riveting post. When one considers the male to female Apartheid that exists within the three Abrahamic religions it’s a wonder anyone still subscribes to it. Superb haiku


  6. Maggie Grace says:

    I don’t remember where I’ve said this before so possibly a repeat. Archeologists found remnants of a goddess era before the pillagers and plunderers like Genghis Khan came galloping through. The archeological site revealed no weapon of any kind. A peaceful era…long long ago. Man has to dominate (in nature) it seems. Very sad as you so poignantly and indignantly state with your haiku. Thank you!


  7. A very different take on our prompt … but you said it well.


    • jrbsays says:

      Thank you Kristjaan, I am afraid the more I learn from history, the less time I have for those who claim to do things in the name of god 😉


  8. siggiofmaine says:

    I am learning for the first time about tarot cards…I like your take on the prompt
    and your comment above…
    “the more I learn from history, the less time I have for those who claim to do things in the name of god”
    is one that I think is right on the money…I did not grow up with any religious training … the more I know… the more I question motives and those that trust people of religious power blindly.


    • jrbsays says:

      Hi Siggi, I am also learning about tarot from Kristjaan’s prompts. It’s an interesting learning journey I’m finding.


      • siggiofmaine says:

        Indeed, it is an interesting journey…as I had misconceptions about tarot…I had the mystical view and did not investigate further… I am learning in my aging years, I am learning more than in the almost seven decades before. I do lack the ability of discernment but am learning as I read what you and others write with your posts.
        Thank you so much.


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