Haiku Carpe Diem #32, Chèvrefeuille’s ‘lonely flower’

Today’s Carpe Diem Haiku prompt is Lonely Flower, a Haiku written by Chèvrefeuille.

kodoku na watashino nakamano tsu no yoruno hana

lonely flower
my companion
for one night

I love this haiku by Chèvrefeuille, apparently his first in english (rather than his native Dutch). As with all great Haiku, a few words open many possibilities.  I haven’t attempted to copy the style, but offer three different approaches on the Lonely Flower theme…

summer-54684_640the lonely flower
attracts the attentions of
the most bumbling bee

~ | ~

the lonely flower
is perhaps the first to see
the early bird’s worm

~ | ~

the flower
alone on the bush
april fool

Thank you for making my flower less lonely today. I hope my flower arrangements have brought a little pleasure to your day.

Smiles, love and laughter

© John Belchamber 2013

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Just a regular married father of three type of guy. Writer of Haiku, founder of www.DementiaJourneys.com and other bits and other bobs.
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11 Responses to Haiku Carpe Diem #32, Chèvrefeuille’s ‘lonely flower’

  1. kz says:

    each haiku quite unique from the other. but i liked the first one the most ^^ some bees just can’t resist a lone flower, prolly coz they’re less intimidating. ^^


  2. WabiSabi says:

    Your bumbling be brightened my day!! Thank you!


  3. first and last, my faves,,…they made me smile and that is a very good thing.,,,


  4. Nicely done JRB … it’s a kind of Ikebana but than with words. Thank you sharing.


  5. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    That little April fool flower just breaks my heart. 😦


  6. Your bumbling bee made me smile…


  7. another great set!


  8. Ese' s Voice says:

    I am so glad to see not just Zen of your haiku but also the humour here there. Wonderful, JRB! 🙂


  9. siggiofmaine says:

    I love #1…because of “the most bumbling bee”…bumbling is a wonderful word…and one I wish
    that was used more often.
    Thank you for a lovely set of haiku.


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