Haiku Carpe Diem #172, Small Mountain

Today’s Carpe Diem Haiku prompt Small Mountain was provided by Yer Pirate.

Having spent several days in the constellations, we’re somewhat lower today thinking about small mountains…


even small mountains
at their peak, have witnessed
the ascent of man


small mountain
longing to go to


Image Credits

below Everest
the foot hills are suffering
small mountain syndrome

I think I’ve peaked for the day, but before I head for the hills, thank you for taking in my mountain air.

Smiles, love and laughter

John Belchamber

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Just a regular married father of three type of guy. Writer of Haiku, founder of www.DementiaJourneys.com and other bits and other bobs.
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17 Responses to Haiku Carpe Diem #172, Small Mountain

  1. That first haiku is a masterpiece JRB. Greatly found words to describe your ‘small mountain’, thank you for sharing with us all here at Carpe Diem.

    looking down the hill
    the village looks even smaller
    just like the people


  2. kz says:

    i agree with the previous comment. the first haiku’s just brilliant ^^


  3. Ese' s Voice says:

    They usually say: ” Everything depends how you look at it!” and you’ve given here wonderful perspectives of a small mountain. The first one – a gem, JRB!


  4. Maggie says:

    First haiku leaves me in awe. In Greece, nearly every mountain peak has a church because they believe they are closer to God. The ruin on the hilltop in your photo made me wonder if that had once been a church.


  5. most of us, or maybe I’ll speak for myself, are hit-or-miss with our haiku posts, but you not only nail it every time, but throw in lots of humor that I, for one, greatly appreciate – life can just get too serious..


  6. I love the whole set. so many various aspects but the first one is truly masterful


  7. JazzBumpa says:

    Yes, the first is a masterpiece.
    The other two are merely brilliant.



  8. A beautiful take, of the prompt!


  9. siggiofmaine says:

    As I was looking to see how far back I had not been diligent reading your, and others post,
    I somehow clicked on this one…and what a great one to start with ! I do like # 1, but #3 is
    a great take on the prompt.


    • jrbsays says:

      Thank you for taking the time to trawl through my archives Siggi.
      I also like the first one here, but you know me, I couldn’t resist a little humour in the third 🙂


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