Haiku Carpe Diem #93, Cave

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Today’s Carpe Diem Prompt is Cave.

Sheltering in cave
Teaching family and friends
How to live outside

~ | ~

Since Plato’s shadows
The ideal’s been coveted
Writing’s on the wall

~ | ~

Seek not a castle
To protect all that’s yours
Cave, fire, family and friends


About jrbsays

Just a regular married father of three type of guy. Writer of Haiku, founder of www.DementiaJourneys.com and other bits and other bobs.
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9 Responses to Haiku Carpe Diem #93, Cave

  1. dulcinaandgnome says:

    Clever and very well crafted haiku.
    I do agree with your advice in first and second. I remember a family – parents and two little children – who came to spend some days in a cabin near ours in the mountain last summer. They came from the capital. One day the young wife told me, “This is wonderful! We have been deceived, manipulated, but are we still in time to change our stupid life?” I answered, “yes, teach your children about Nature and true beauty; by coming here you have given the first step”.
    Excellent second one too with Plato and his cavern.


  2. WabiSabi says:

    Very nicely done JRB. Especially love the idea of the family as a protective cave for children!


  3. Strong set. Teaching how to live outside our cave … very actual nowadays with all those differences in our society … no respect for those who are different …
    I am not familiar with Plato’s Cave, but I have read earlier today another haiku in which is refered to Plato’s Cave (If I am right, that was in the post of Dulcina).
    We are the teachers of our children and maybe our teachings will be used by them to make our world a better place to live.


  4. This is a powerful collection of haiku, crafted really cleverly. “Since Plato’s shadows The ideal’s been coveted”…yes, did make me think of mine.


  5. 4joy says:

    3 wonderfully different haiku,..can’t pick a fav….you have such a sharp wit….


  6. brudberg says:

    These haiku are among your best ever. 🙂 but the Plato one is brilliant.


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