Haiku Carpe Diem #73, Spearflower (manryoo)

spearflower_imageImage Credits

Today’s Carpe Diem prompt is Spearflower (manyroo).

Do you still recall
The first kiss of cherry lips
Felled by flower’s spear

~ | ~

Berries fall on snow
Like blood dripping from a vein
Red circles of life

~ | ~

Spearflower signals
Times of merriment and cheer
Winter warming hearts


About jrbsays

Just a regular married father of three type of guy. Writer of Haiku, founder of www.DementiaJourneys.com and other bits and other bobs.
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8 Responses to Haiku Carpe Diem #73, Spearflower (manryoo)

  1. Lovely series of haiku jrb … well painted images. I especially like the last one … a winter painting with words. Thank you for participating in Carpe Diem’s daily haiku meme.


  2. yerpirate says:

    Grand stuff – middle one best for me…really dramatic and fits the wintry season.


  3. siggiofmaine says:

    I do believe awesome was my first thought…
    and still is…my favorite
    “Berries fall on snow
    Like blood dripping from a vein
    Red circles of life”
    The second line is past awesome for me.

    Thank you


  4. jrbsays says:

    Thank you for your kind words which are humbly received. I do believe that in the second haiku ending with Red Circles of life, I was imagining the sparrows from Kristjaan and Lolly’s entries picking up the ‘red circles of life’ and continuing nature’s cycle.
    A tip of the hat to KZ as well who’s entry made me think of the first time someone got ill/died from eating the Spearflower’s berry and if the plant recalled the event.


  5. kz says:

    fantastic collection if haiku! ^^ i absolutely adore the 1st and 2nd.. very very impressed ^^


  6. I don’t think my first kiss was quite as intense as yours! 🙂

    Spearflower Offerings


  7. brudberg says:

    Very very nice, the second one is my favorite.


  8. becca givens says:

    Great trio — the middle is my favorite … but I also like the first!!
    Turning Heads


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